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What to Expect

Overview of the spine and minimally invasive spine surgery from Laser Spine Institute

Common Conditions

Information on common spinal condition treatments, types, symptoms and causes

Get the Facts

Resource for addressing the most common questions about minimally invasive spine surgery

MRI Review Process

Opportunity to individually meet with a board certified+ physician for a MRI Review

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Spine Seminar Physicians

Laser Spine Institute's seminars, led by expert physicians, provide personal consultations and educate attendees.

Dr. Michael Perry Dr. Anthony A. Gross Dr. Michelle Walton Dr. Shaun McCrae Dr. Alissa Keller Dr. Jennifer Miller Bowser Dr. Matthew Finke Dr. Jennifer Martin

Webinar Surgeons

Laser Spine Institute's webinar is led by board-certified+ surgeon Dr. Stefan Prada.

Dr. Stefan Prada

Learn about minimally invasive spine surgery

Who should go?

Laser Spine Institute's seminars are designed for individuals who are interested in learning about treatment options for their neck or back pain. Persons considering pursuing a minimally invasive spine surgery will find the seminar educational. Each seminar is comprised of three goals: inform attendees of the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery, complete an MRI or CT scan review and converse with attendees on a one-on-one basis.

Symptoms and treatment overview

During the seminar, the presenting physician will give an overview of the anatomy of the spine, common conditions and treatment options. Those in attendance are encouraged to ask questions following the presentation.

MRI/CT scan review

Individuals who attend the seminar have the option of having their MRI or CT scan reviewed by a medical professional before or after the presentation.

Scheduling and insurance information

For those interested in scheduling a surgical consultation, Spine Care Consultants will be available to assist you and answer your questions.